Komunikasi Fisika Indonesia


Journal Title: Komunikasi Fisika Indonesia (KFI)
Other names: Indonesian Physics Communication 
e-ISSN: 2579-521X  [LIPI] [ISSN Portal]
p-ISSN: 1412-2960  [LIPI] [ISSN Portal]
Frequencies: March, July, & November (Before 2020: April & October)
Organizer & PublisherDepartment of Physics, FMIPA Universitas Riau
DOI: 10.31258/jkfi
Scope: Physical Sciences and Astronomy (Miscellaneous)
Contact: kfi@ejournal.unri.ac.id
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Komunikasi Fisika Indonesia (KFI) (KFI) is a peer-reviewed journal on physical science organized and published by the Department of Physics Universitas Riau and supported by Faculty Mathematic and Natural Science UNRI and LPPM UNRI. The journal also plans to collaborate with the Physical Society of Indonesia (PSI) of Riau Branch (MoU).

KFI firstly published a printed-based paper in 2002, twice a year in April and October, regularly.  The online system was established in 2011 and followed by the publication of an online-articles version. Starting in 2020, KFI Journal publishes excellent scientific articles every three times a year, March, July, and November. KFI accepts original research or review articles in the fields of physics and astronomy, including, but not limited to, theoretical physics, geophysics, plasma, energy, optics and photonics, materials science and nanotechnology, instrumentation, electronics, astronomy, earth and planetary, and applied physics (application physics). We cordially invite researchers and academicians to publish their work in this journal.  The author(s) can download the journal template here.



We are humbly to inform all our author(s) and readers that the published article in KFI from vol 14 no 1 of 2018, has been officially accredited by Sinta 4 based on the Decree of Kemenristek/BRIN  No 200/M/KPT/2020. This certification is valid for 5 years.


Vol 20, No 2 (2023)

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Dino Yanuardi, Saktioto Saktioto, Romi Fadli Syahputra, Defrianto Defrianto, Yan Soerbakti
Eva Wahyuni Harahap, Eman Taer, Ari Sulistyo Rini
Peri Ridwan Nurhedi, Juandi Muhammad
Irma Apriyani, Rakhmawati Farma, Awitdrus Awitdrus, Aria Yunita
Minarni Shiddiq, Muhammad Ikhsan Hamid, Vicky Vernando Dasta, Yohanes Dwi Saputra, Dewi Anjarwati Mahmudah, Dinda Kamia Evkha Putri, Annisya Madani, Ihsan Okta Harmailil
Novia Magdalena Purba, Erwin Amiruddin, Salomo Sinuraya, Krisman Sabar
Ananda Tira Septiana Sari, Ety Jumiati, Miftahul Husnah
Rizza Naflah Herlinda, Usman Malik
Suci Ramadhani Harahap, Mulkan Iskandar Nasution, Nazaruddin Nasution
Muhammad Iqbal Zailany Nasution, Mulkan Iskandar Nasution
Riri Angriani Nasution, Zubair Aman Daulay, Abdul Halim Daulay
Dhani Yonata Hariyono, Nazaruddin Nasution
Masthura Masthura, Nazaruddin Nasution, Muhammad Rajali Harahap
Masthura Masthura, Mulkan Iskandar Nasution, Dwitha Astari
Ety Jumiati, Miftahul Husnah, Riadina Siregar